Google Authorship Ended

The Final End of Google Authorship Markup

Following on the heels of Google dropping author photos from search results in June this year (2014), Google has now decided to discontinue tracking authorship markup (rel="author") completely.

John Mueller, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, who was involved with authorship markup since it's inception 3 years ago wrote

What is

what is article imageMany site managers and bloggers have asked what this traffic referrer is. The answer is simple. This is Google's Translation Service.

DOS Attack From IP

DOS Attack From Ukraine IP

dos attack ukraine IP thumbnail imageThis website was hit by an unsuccessful Brute Force Denial of Service (DOS) type attack that started during the early hours of this morning 24 November 2013, and continued for more than 5 hours.

The attacker tried to brute force entry to site admin using a known BITRIX CMS exploit vulnerability, with user-name "administrator". Website Review Website Managed by Graphicline

Graphicline welcomes Julie, and her website, to our managed WordPress hosting and support service.

Julie is a busy relationship coach who wants to concentrate on her business and web content, and not need to worry about looking after the site back-end e.g. CMS updates, security and other technical matters. Julie chose a Graphicline Managed WordPress Hosting package which gives her the freedom to do the things she wants, knowing the site is well looked after.

Mad Bot with 173 User Agents

Mad Bot with 173 User Agents from IP Address

mad bot uses 174 user agents iconWhat sort of bot uses 173 user agents? This is the craziest web spider I've ever come across. The bot, coming from UK IP address, identified itself with 173 different user agent IDs.

This mad bot hit one of our wbsites this morning and crawled every link in the siteamp - over 300 links in under 1 minute - a virtual Denial of Service (DoS) attack..



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