Drupal Views Tutorial Introduction

Introduction to Drupal 7 Video Guide Series | Taming the Beast

introduction to views video tutorials header imageJohan Falk presents 27 video tutorials on Drupal 7 views from NodeOne. The series is titled "Taming the Beast" and aims to provide a good foundation to understanding and using Drupal 7 Views (or any version of this Drupal sub-system).

Part 1 in the series offers a quick Introduction to Drupal Views, giving a general idea of what will come in the 26  video user guides. Recommended viewing for anyone wanting to start using Drupal, and especially newcomers to Views.

Introduction Video

Start your discovery of views with this short introduction by Johan, then get stuck in to the other video tutorials and start using views for your Drupal project.

Video Credit

Learn Views with NodeOne, part 1: Overview from NodeOne.se